Cross Post Stud Earrings
Cross Post Stud Earrings
Cross Post Stud Earrings

Cross Post Stud Earrings

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These lovely little cross studs are a part of The Emergi Collection: ‘Emergi’ - to rise up, emerge, free one’s self. Adornment for those extra special moments in life, designed to celebrate life, love, and joy.

Hand formed cross stud earrings are a great simple everyday pair of lightweight earrings and they measure approx 10mm in length.

There are a few beliefs for the meaning of the sideways cross. One meaning is that it represents the earth. It also represents the human race and that the horizontal orientation of the cross means that the humanity is positioned right in the middle of heaven and hell. This makes it a neutral symbol. Because of this meaning, some people say that wearing a sideways cross necklace means that you are aware of your place in this existence; And that you are grounded here on earth.

There are also people who believe that the sideways orientation of a necklace symbolizes Jesus Christ carrying the cross, this is one of my favorite interpretations.

It has also been based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The horizontal orientation of the necklace connotes that Jesus Christ has actually risen and that the cross has already been laid down to signify that humanity has been saved. Sideway crosses are even engraved in tombstones and graves to symbolize resurrection of the soul during the coming of Judgment Day. At the end of the day, the true meaning of the sideway cross will depend on the person who is wearing it.

Our Jewelry is created for the Earth-conscious, free spirit by using only recycled, conflict free materials because we believe in empowering our fellow humans while doing our best for Mother Earth.

All jewelry is proudly 100% handmade in Hermosa Beach, California USA