Our Story

New Earth Garden was born from a love from the Earth and a passion for helping our families, friends and neighbors live healthier, happier lives. We have witnessed first-hand the benefits that can be achieved by living in closer harmony with nature. A life free from irritating chemicals. A life that nourishes. A life that cares for the earth. A life that supports Artisans and workers in developing countries. A life that seeks to find solutions for oceans polluted with plastic waste. We believe in offering you sustainably focused ecofriendly merchandise suited for your needs, and safe for the planet we live on.
That’s why we started New Earth Garden. Instead of combing through thousands of products scattered across various companies and websites, we have curated a broad range of specially selected upcycled, eco-friendly, sustainable and/or natural items tailored to a healthy lifestyle.
From natural and organic skincare and a wide range products made by sustainably focused manufacturers, we offer a choice of good-for-you, good-for-the planet merchandise that support an ethical lifestyle - and we’re always adding more!
Invest in your health, our Earth, and our future by living a more natural and sustainable life!