Support Artisans In A Fair Way

Support Artisans In A Fair Way

By Jeremy Feakins

Years ago, it was a way of life to buy everything made locally. But now, we are lucky enough to buy handmade products from around the world. But when you buy those eye-catching items, are they produced by artisans who are being properly paid for their work?

Here at New Earth Garden, we are dedicated to offering products have been produced by artisans who are being properly rewarded for their work.

Why is this important?  Because unfair trade practices lead to entrenched poverty and desperate conditions. If an artisan produces a lovely piece of work for you to enjoy, shouldn’t they be paid a living wage? Of course!

Supporting fair trade assures opportunities for marginalized people including fair wages, child rights, and humane working conditions. Fair compensation is essential so that workers can afford food, shelter and clothing. Communities are transformed where people have an income they can depend on. Fair trade gives artisans optimism to live a better life.

So, what can you do? First, be a savvy fair-trade shopper by learning more about fair trade principles. Then, support fair trade with your purchasing decisions, such as New Earth Garden’s Handmade Selection.

Consider a different way of seeing the goods you are buying. Make sure those products are positively impacting the lives of those who made those products. Seek out businesses like New Earth Garden that strive to abide by fair trade values that make an everlasting difference for underprivileged artisans around the world.  

We should make sure craftspeople in developing countries who are socially and economically marginalized can make and sell their products for a proper living wage. New Earth Garden is proud to offer these products that support those people who produced them.